Starting My Career as a Personal Trainer

Big news! I just got hired by Gold’s Gym as a trainer! I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin this journey in the fitness industry. Doesn’t seem that long ago that I first started studying the NASM textbook with the intention of becoming a trainer. I’m taking the “traditional route” into the fitness industry, which is working for a big box gym first in order to get experience. But I think I got lucky with the big box gym I’m starting off at! The Gold’s in Fenton, MO is amazing. They have everything. Even a deadlift platform and rubber plates for Olympic lifting! So stoked. I had been tempted to apply to personal training studios but so many of them didn’t even have squat racks or equipment for powerlifting. How could I be honest with myself as a trainer if I wasn’t even able to implement the training methods I most believe in? I think Gold’s Gym will definitely help me train in exactly the style I believe most effective for my clients, which definitely includes serious resistance training!

To be honest, I am kind of nervous about the “sales” aspect of training in a big box gym. I am not a pure extrovert – more of an “ambivert” – both introverted and extroverted depending on the context. But I think my background in psychology will help me master the sales process going forward. I also just have this burning desire to succeed. I see a path forward and I am going to take it with 100% intensity. I have always been a competitive person and the fitness industry is a perfect outlet for me insofar as it focuses so much on personal growth and independence. My success in the fitness industry is largely going to be a result of what I put into it. I have to be my own brand because “R.A.W. Fitness” is me – I am my own business.

The other thing I’m nervous about is the whole trans thing. I feel partially like I am a trailblazer in this sense. But I think how this aspect of my life influences my training career is largely going to result from my own attitude and confidence going forward. Not to say that I can just think my way out of discrimination, but simply that my own reticence could send unconscious signals that my gender matters instead of owning it and believing that I can be the best trainer, cis or trans, that my client needs in virtue of my passion, empathy, and knowledge.


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